I am currently working at Facebook in Menlo Park as a Business Intelligence Engineer. I work on the People Insights team, supporting the HR team and leadership. My role currently involves a range of data responsibilities including building pipelines, creating dashboards, productionalizing ML models, and educating stakeholders on understanding data.

Previously I worked at GuideSpark (originally being hired as part of the Silicon Valley Internship Programme). I joined as a Software Engineer and was promoted to a Data Engineer role, followed by a Data Scientist position.

This page details my skills and experience, and will be kept up to date with any side-projects I am working on.

I also completed a Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree. I have discussed how it helped me transition into industry following a PhD on Medium.


I am currently embarking on a career as a software engineer and data scientist. I am aiming to build on my theoretical knowledge to produce practical solutions to interesting and important problems.

Currently, I have the most experience in the following languages and technologies:

  • Python (2/3) including pandas and sklearn;
  • R;
  • Tableau;
  • Ruby (and the Ruby on Rails Framework);
  • HTML5, CSS3 (including Bootstrap), JavaScript (including jQuery);
  • Maple/Matlab and a collection of mathematical languages;
  • Oracle SQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB;
  • Git/GitHub, JIRA, SVN, Version One.

I also have some experience or training in the following languages:

  • Java (including some basic Android development);
  • PHP;
  • C (and Cuda for GPU);
  • Coq.


I am currently working on contributing to the open source sympolic computation library SymPy.

I am also working on a small number of sideprojects, including pypoly: a small python library for symbolic manipulation of polynomials.


If you are interested in contacting me regarding development: Contact or download my Resume.